Student satisfaction is a complex of factors that influence student’s satisfaction with educational process. Obviously, when students enter a college or university, they expect to receive all conditions for their self-improvement and self-development. Every educational institution is supposed to provide students with good teachers, equipment, lab classes, etc. in order to help young people develop their professional skills and reveal their potential.

There are several components of student satisfaction. To begin with, students pay attention to the style of teaching.В

Obviously, all people are different and it is impossible to teach everyone in the same way.

Student Satisfaction Case Study

A good teacher will try to find personal approach towards every student, so it is natural that students expect to work in small groups in order to get enough attention from their teacher’s side. Then, students require the right attitude from their teachers, because professor’s relationship with his student is a key to success. If a teacher finds the right approach towards student and makes him interested in the subject, educational process will be useful for both. Next, students require equipment and good conditions for the development of their knowledge and skills. Every educational institution should possess rooms for lab classes, computers and appliances for professional development.

Finally, students need healthy classroom environment where students cooperate and help one another. If there are conflicts and misunderstandings between students, they will not enjoy attending classes and their educational progress will be poor. School and college administration should care about classroom environment and provide students with personal guides, academic advisors and psychologists in order to make their staying at the educational institution convenient for them.

Student satisfaction is a good topic for research, because young people can share their own opinion about this relevant problem and introduce a few effective solutions of this issue.

One should clarify the meaning of student satisfaction; think about its components, strong and weak sides, etc. One will need to pay attention to the most important factors that define student satisfaction and evaluate them focusing on the cases from the real life. It is possible to introduce sources and methods that are used for this research and share student’s personal predictions, ideas and solutions with his academic advisor.

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