Universal Themes
Poems will reflect themes that can be found across many cultures and time periods
setting, plot&conflict, title, characters, symbol, important statements
6 things for finding a theme?
the authors attitude
Mary Oliver
T’ao Ch’ien
WIlliam Wordsworth
an authors word choice, when they repeat things when they emphasize, and helps us know whats going to happen in the future
the authors attitude

the authors perspective on a subject

what the readers feel when your reading
the narrator
Universal theme
one theme that goes across time periods and cultures
finding your joy in nature
WHat is the universal theme in all of the 3 poems
whats the story about(subject)
What is topic?
What is the topic of all 3 poems?
A paragraph of poetry
WHat is a stanza?
underlying message what your author wants you to learn
What is theme
Theme: what the author wants you too take away from it

Topic: subject what its about

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Difference between a stories topic and theme?
influence characters,create conflict, serve as a symbol
3 roles that setting can play?
MAry oliver
Author of the Sun?
William Wordsworth
Author of My heart leaps up?
T’ao Ch’ien
Author of Returning to Dwell in the country?
Verbal, situational, dramatic
3 types of irony?
when he was concerned about his health
What is an example verbal irony?
when he shakes his hand

ALso fortunado was expecting to get his wine but ends up getting killed

WHat is an example of situational irony
we know more than the character
What is dramatic irony?
Fortunado didn’t know he was going to die
What is an example of dramatic irony
The focus on the sinful side of man. The dark side of humanity
What is Dark Romanticism?
Dark and gloomy settings, spirit of revenge, tragic quest, Montressor mind was messed up focused on his mind
What is gothic literary fiction
Edgar Allen Poe
WHo wrote the Cask of Amontillado??
when the character says one thing but means the other
What is verbal irony?
when a character or reader expects one thing to happen but the opposite happens
What is situational irony?